wearable art

How you dress should be an authentic expression of who you are. La La Lapels helps you kill it in the boardroom, on stage, at gallery openings, on the runway, in interviews, at special events, and wherever you want to showcase your totally original self.

Our Origins

La La Lapels was born out of Angela Harder’s obsession with bringing the fun and artistry of couture to all women. Because why not make a statement?

When you wear one of our lapels, you’re wearing a story. Our botanical collection celebrates the beauty of nature, and the care, love, and design that goes into a fabulous garden. Our vintage line breathes new life into classic pieces, honouring the women who’ve come before us and cleared the path, so that we can shine our brightest.

The craft behind the art

Whether it’s designing the triple-layered flower petals that make up our botanical designs or hunting for vintage treasures all across the globe, every single component that goes into your lapel is intentional.

When we work with vintage items, we know that we’re part of a legacy of craftsmanship. Each piece gets some good lovin’ and proper care before begins its second life on one of our lapels. Our botanical collection is cut using laser technology, which ensures that we keep our waste production to a minimum!

Every individual lapel is hand-stitched because, let’s be real here, we’re total perfectionists. It can take weeks from the initial design concept to the final stitch, but as the saying goes, art takes time!

About Angela

Angela Harder is a textile artist, a shameless voluptuary, and an advocate for living a well-curated life. From her roots in the wind-swept, wild prairies to her global education in high fashion and couture, Angela has always had a knack for visual storytelling, bold artistry, and celebrating the spirit of individuality.

Angela’s work embodies countless dichotomies: her designs are down-to-earth and sophisticated, sexy and smart, striking and playful. She knows that you don’t have to sacrifice personality or pizzazz to feel like the powerhouse you are, because hey, unforgettable style is all about being you.

When she’s not at the sewing machine, you can find Angela boarding a red-eye flight to London, hunting for vintage gems at an open-air market in Paris, or snapping photos of exotic flowers at the New York Botanical Gardens.

Featured Lapel

London 1972

Channel Ziggy Stardust and give the performance of a lifetime in these glam-rock military-inspired jackets, each dripping with a decadent fringe of vintage chains.