Handmade Lapels + Face Masks


As COVID-19 continues to be a global concern, it is in our best interest to continuously take action in reducing the spread of the virus. La La Lapels is a small business start-up and is proceeding with special precautions to maintain a healthy working studio space, as well as choosing to partner with delivery services that are equally diligent about new COVID-19 procedures. If you have any questions in regards to actions that are being put in place, please reach out to Angela at [email protected].

Botanical Collection

Lapels lush with an abundance of hand-sewn blooms. The Botanical Collection is perfect for the heirloom rose and the free-wheeling wildflower alike.


*Free color-matching face mask with each purchase of lapel.

The Incarnations Collection

You contain multitudes. Explore your other lives with the Incarnations Collection: lapels adorned with vintage accoutrements and inspired by iconic eras of fashion.


*Free color-matching face mask with each purchase of lapel.

Face Masks

Designed to keep you and those around you more safe.