For the woman who can’t be tamed. Run wild with this lush, abundant piece, and embody the magic of nature’s boundless creative potential.
    • Crepe-back satin
    • Satin florals on matte black background
    • Materials: 100% polyester
    • Laser cut floral design
    • Approximately 170 identical flowers, which are hand-sewn to create unique texture
    • Symmetrical on both sides
    • All-over pattern on collar and lapel
  • Wide tuxedo lapel
  • 8cm width x 53cm length (at bustline)
Just like a fine piece of lingerie, our lapels are resilient but also thrive with a little bit of specialized care. Because of the intricate beadwork and high quality fabrics we use, all you need to do is spot clean with a damp cloth and a mild detergent. Carefully store the lapels, when not in use, in it’s original box. It is not recommended to dry-clean.

Every garden is beautifully unique, and every Botanical Collection lapel is, too. Each lapel, though planted with the same seeds of design, features natural variations that make every piece one in a million.

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